The main characteristic of PQC's services is the broad deployment of our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services across the world, particularly in the ASEAN region. The BPO services are designed based on the diverse needs of our customers. We aim to provide services that satisfy customers by taking advantage of the experience we have gained in various locations through business operation and management, human resource development, and daily life.

PQC's BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services are carried out by experienced staff dispatched by PQC to PQC's own centers and partner plants in ASEAN countries, Bangladesh, Turkey, and India. While our primary business is inspection, we also optimize business processes, maintain and improve quality, and reduce operating costs for our customers by continuously identifying issues that affect our customers from a comprehensive viewpoint, standardizing operations, and reviewing operational flow.
- General inspections
- Assorting by store
- Distribution support
- Production control support
We can also satisfy other requests.
(1) Textiles
(2) Clothing and accessories
(3) Various other items
We can work flexibly to accommodate our customers' requests.