PQC is a socially responsible company that strives to act in an environmentally friendly, socially conscious and ethical manner.

▶ Water for domestic use (bathing, washing)

Apartment buildings in urban areas use tank water. In rural areas, people use reservoirs, and bathe or wash their clothes with water accumulated during the rainy season. Water shortages during the dry season are severe.

▶ Drinking water

Families sometimes boil tap water to drink it. In urban areas, some families purchase and drink clean water in tanks holding about 20-30ℓ. People in rural areas filter and drink water from tube wells and rain water.

▶ Arsenic pollution

In 1993, arsenic pollution was found in Chapai Nawabganj prefecture, followed the next year by the appearance of chronic arsenic poisoning sufferers. Contamination rate: 29.19% Number of persons affected: 38,000 As of 2010, there were about 36 million people drinking contaminated water.

▶ Salinization of underground water

This is due to global warming and the consequent rise in sea levels.
The situation in coastal areas, is expected to become increasingly difficult.

▶ Floods

Cyclones are generated in conjunction with the transition
between the rainy season and the dry season in April-May
and October-November, causing immense damage.


"It's great that we are able to drink pond water. It tasted so good that I drank quite a few glasses." (a student)
"Our students often drink water between lectures. Well water contains a lot of iron, so a water-purifying bicycle would allow us to drink it without worries." (a teacher)

In Bangladesh, where issues concerning drinking water are particularly numerous, the distribution of bicycles with an incorporated water purification system can help improve the quality of life. Since the system is movable, it can also be used to provide support in the event of floods and other disasters.

Targeting the poor in rural and urban areas, we have donated bicycles with incorporated water purification systems to local partner organizations. Aiming to improve the quality of life at a grass roots level, we will expand our activities so that bicycles with incorporated water purification systems can be employed sustainably and smoothly.

We have conducted a demonstration of bicycles with incorporated water purification systems at a school run by UBINIG. We explained the bicycle's mechanism, purified water by riding the bicycle, and had the teachers, students and guardians taste it.

We will carry out projects jointly with local partner organizations from the research stage onwards to ensure that the initiative continues.

   Local research → organization → trial operation → results → continuity

   Our donation is scheduled for the end of December this year, as the academy is currently under construction.